5 Things You May Not Know About Text Marketing

It’s surprising how many businesses still lack basic information on SMS marketing, especially when those in the know are already reaping the rewards many times over. We’ve taken a look at some points below in an effort to tackle those unanswered questions.

High Response Rate

  • Text messages actually achieve up to eight times as fast a response rateas emails can hope to muster. With information available for consumption immediately in a handy short message and opportunities to opt-in or out by typing just a few characters, it’s easy to see why this form of communication is so popular with consumers.

Vast Potential Audience

  • Although in the past you could be forgiven for thinking that mobile usage is limited to the younger demographic only, we now know that this is not the case. In the UK alone, 93% of adults currently own a mobile phone with 66% usingSmartphones.The once humble mobile phone has become the go to device for absolutely everyone.

High Conversion Rate

  • SMS campaigns can yield conversion rates of up to 23% as opposed to emails which average 1-2% at their peak. On top of this, text marketing has the proven to be a successful method of driving customers to your other platforms for example email and online purchasing points.

Relevant and Interesting                                                                

  • Conversion rates indicate that not only do consumers enjoy receiving messages from brands, but they also find the content to be relevant to them and proceed to engage further. Whether this is by using a coupon or promo code or even the immediate chance to opt in for more updates. After all, presenting customers with the opportunity to save cash when they shop with you can’t be a bad thing.

Customer Opt-Ins

  • Companies who utilise text message marketing as part of their campaigns must follow the law when it comes to your data. With this in mind you can be sure that the audience you are reaching out to is genuinely interested in your brand, since they have already willingly provided their data.




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Client Testimonials

"We looked at several options but liked the way Intxt can send bulk texts quickly and provide us with reply updates to suit the needs of our business. We were surprised by the speed and accuracy of the responses and also by the amount of business we have generated from the campaigns. I have recommended Intxt to several companies all of which have been more than happy with the results. "

"I have found Intxt a fantastic company to work with, very professional and in every campaign, they have offered valuable advice and assisted me in choosing the right promotion for us. Other than putting together a sentence for the actual text message, all of the work and effort is dealt with by Intxt, leaving very little for me to do. We received daily reports listing enquiries and responses and I would have no hesitation in recommending Intxt to other companies considering doing SMS marketing."

"Intxt has provided our business with the opportunity to deploy SMS campaigns in order to contact clients through an alternative channel. We have seen huge impact through SMS, driving sales and engagement. Intxt provide an outstanding service - on call whenever we need a campaign deployed as well as being extremely helpful and informative. I would definitely recommend Intxt."

"I have been using the services of Intext (Hourglass Technologies) for the last year. The advice that they have given me, because I am new to this business, has been unbiased and invaluable. They have both recognised the financial constraints and budgetary controls that I have to work within and have tailored their services accordingly."

"Intxt have constantly provided us with an efficient and reliable service which has allowed us to get messages to our contacts quickly and cost effectively. We have developed a great relationship with the team there who are all friendly, helpful and dedicated to their work. Absolutely no complaints from us and we would definitely recommend them to others!"