Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a burning question that you need an answer to? Chances are we've been asked it before, so here are some of our most popular answers for your convenience. If we don't answer your question here, then we'd be more than happy to chat to you.

How much does it cost to send a message?

See our Pricing page. We have different pricing options to suit your business. One credit is equal to one text message and consists of up to 160 characters. Should you wish to send a longer message you can join up to four text messages in a single message to your customers. Joining messages together carries a seven character overhead per message from the Mobile Network Operators. Therefore, two combined text messages allows up to 306 characters, three messages is up to 459 characters and a maximum of four messages allows up to 612 characters. Our intuitive system displays the number of characters used for your message as you are creating it so you can amend as necessary.

How long does the Intxt account take to set-up?

Your mobile marketing campaigns can be up and running in a matter of minutes. The Intxt system has been designed to be very user-friendly.

How long are my credits valid for?

Once purchased, you can be safe in the knowledge that your credits will never expire.

Can the sender name be my business name, rather than a number?

Because we offer replies as standard, we include any name of your choice up to 12 characters as the first part of your message. You can create up to six sender names if you wish, at no extra cost.

How can I buy credits?

You can purchase bundles of up to 10,000 credits at a time online with a credit or debit card. Alternatively, you can contact us to arrange an invoice.

Is my customer data secure?

We appreciate that data security is paramount and therefore take this very seriously. We do not share, sell or pass on any of your company data or any customer mobile numbers that you upload. For further information see our Privacy Policy.

Are there any contracts to sign with my Intxt account?

We're confident that you'll love our service so much that you will use it time and time again. For this reason there are no contracts involved in owning an Intxt account. We operate on a pay-as-you-go basis for simplicity and ease.

Can I schedule messages to be sent at a later date?

Absolutely. Once you have created your message, there is a function that allows you to send the message immediately, or schedule the message for sometime in the future. This allows you complete control of the timings of your campaigns.

How do I send out my text messages?

Your online Intxt account is what you will use to send and receive text messages. It is 100% web based so you do not need to download anything. All you need is an internet enabled PC, Mac or tablet.

Do I need to purchase a Short Code?

There's no need to purchase a short code or dedicated number and there are no premium message rates for your customers. Receiving replies has never been simpler.

What happens if I have no mobile data?

Intxt and Hourglass Technologies can provide opted-in mobile data from specially selected third parties. Please Contact Us for details.

Can people text me from abroad?

Yes, inbound numbers are on UK Networks and can receive texts from anywhere in the world. The cost to the sender will be their standard network rate for texting a UK Network.

Can people opt-out of my SMS marketing?

Yes you can give people the option to opt-out of your text marketing by replying as per the outgoing message instructions.

How can I check if a message has been sent?

The reports section of your Intxt account shows the status of all messages.

Can I import mobile numbers into my Intxt account?

You can import data from an Excel .CSV or a .XML file. Simply upload your mobile numbers, along with your customers name and any specific customer group they belong to. For smaller volumes of numbers, you can also enter your numbers individually.

Will I easily recognise mobile numbers when I import or export them in Excel?

When you request an export of data from Intxt to Excel, Intxt will always display your customers mobile numbers as a text field so you will never be confused with numbers displayed in scientific formats (9.99E+09) the way some other systems do. If you are creating your own import files, or using your other business applications to create import files with mobile numbers (long numbers), we suggest you follow the same principle for ease of use.

Can I merge data into my messages?

Intxt allows you to import Excel spread sheets with relevant data. The column heading is used as a clickable label that can be used to automatically merge the data into your message campaign. For example, if your spreadsheet has a column headed 'Appointment Time' you will have a button on your campaign screen marked 'Appointment Time' that you can click to include the customers appointment time in the message.

How long do messages stay in my Intxt account for?

Messages will stay in your Intxt account for 90 days. If you require a more permanent record, you can export the data to an Excel file and save accordingly on your own computer system.

Can I receive free replies from individuals?

Yes, this is the beauty of our system. Our clever message matching technology allows you to receive multiple replies from all recipients. Plus, all conversation chains are completely trackable from beginning to end. There are no keywords or complicated inboxes involved. 

Do your prices include or exclude VAT?

Costs can be viewed on our Pricing page. Our prices are all exclusive of VAT.

Can I pay by Direct Debit?

No, you can pay online using a credit or debit card. For your convenience, you can also Contact Us to set up a standing order for our pay monthly services.

Do all my messages get delivered?

As with a normal text you send from your own mobile phone, the vast majority of them are yes. When you send an SMS, it is first 'received' by the Mobile Network Operator, who then forwards it on. If the Mobile Network Operator doesn't manage to deliver it the first time they try again, and keep trying several times.
You can see how many of your messages have been delivered on the history page of your Intxt account.

Can I access from any PC

Provided that you have internet access and your login details, you can use the system wherever you are in the world.

Is Intxt compatible with any in-house system?

Virtually every software package exports information in a text file format. So, yes, we can run alongside pretty much any IT system. If you want specific system integration then that is also possible, but is not part of our standard service. Please Contact Us with your requirements.

Is there a help line for assistance?

Yes, you can speak to a real person for help during working hours on 01295 530 000.

How would I use Intxt if I don't have internet access or a computer?

Don't worry; we have a campaign team who would be happy to run your campaigns for you for a small additional fee.

Is there any paperwork to sign?

Not at all. You agree to our Terms and Conditions when you buy your credits. Just login and you're off! 

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Client Testimonials

"We looked at several options but liked the way Intxt can send bulk texts quickly and provide us with reply updates to suit the needs of our business. We were surprised by the speed and accuracy of the responses and also by the amount of business we have generated from the campaigns. I have recommended Intxt to several companies all of which have been more than happy with the results. "

"I have found Intxt a fantastic company to work with, very professional and in every campaign, they have offered valuable advice and assisted me in choosing the right promotion for us. Other than putting together a sentence for the actual text message, all of the work and effort is dealt with by Intxt, leaving very little for me to do. We received daily reports listing enquiries and responses and I would have no hesitation in recommending Intxt to other companies considering doing SMS marketing."

"Intxt has provided our business with the opportunity to deploy SMS campaigns in order to contact clients through an alternative channel. We have seen huge impact through SMS, driving sales and engagement. Intxt provide an outstanding service - on call whenever we need a campaign deployed as well as being extremely helpful and informative. I would definitely recommend Intxt."

"I have been using the services of Intext (Hourglass Technologies) for the last year. The advice that they have given me, because I am new to this business, has been unbiased and invaluable. They have both recognised the financial constraints and budgetary controls that I have to work within and have tailored their services accordingly."

"Intxt have constantly provided us with an efficient and reliable service which has allowed us to get messages to our contacts quickly and cost effectively. We have developed a great relationship with the team there who are all friendly, helpful and dedicated to their work. Absolutely no complaints from us and we would definitely recommend them to others!"